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COMING SOON:  My Parents Are Fighting Again.  A tough book to write and maybe a tough book to read, this one is for the children whose parents just can't seem to stop fighting.


Camden Bookshop is the online presence of Dawn & Dusk Publications, LLC, a tiny, independent publishing company in the heart of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado.  Dawn & Dusk is owned by Colorado child and family psychologist and children's author, Dr. Marian Camden, and passionate Celtic earth-worshipper, Marigold Blythe, mistress and goddess of Marigold Farms. Marigold inspires and plays, and Dr. Camden does the hard work!   Dr. C and Marigold work together to bring joy, delight, and wisdom to the world through books, in both the magickal and psychological realms. How’s that for a mission statement!

We opened our doors with two sweet search-and-find picture books for nature-loving children and their Celtic-oriented parents, grandparents, friends, and everybody else who loves earth-based spirituality.  See An Earth Child’s Book of the Year and An Earth Child’s Book of Verse. Our earth child series also has its own website: earthchildbooks.com, with lots of fun information about magical birthstones, animals, colors, druidic trees, Celtic holidays, and more. Our inaugural illustrator, Diane Beem Wright, poured her own special magic into these pages, making them a delight to all who gaze upon them. Thank you, Diane, aka Dianthus!

For our 2016 release, Dr. Camden turned her pen toward the youngest children in stepfamilies and blended families, the little half-siblings or “ours babies” who come along after all the chaos of divorce, custody arrangements, dating, and remarriage take place. In Where Do My Brother and Sister Go? little Sophie wonders, worries, adapts, and celebrates the uniqueness of her special family. We are thrilled with the vibrant watercolor illustrations by renowned Brazilian artist, Julieth Eckert, and hope to warm many hearts in many stepfamilies.

We value you as a reader, parent, or therapist. Please use our Contact Us page to share your experiences with our books, as well as your ideas, suggestions, and questions.